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Cardiac ( Heart )
Cardiac Exercise Test
Holter Monitor
Looping Event Recorder
Myocardial Wall Motion
Myoview Persantine
Myoview Stress
24 Hour Ambulatory B.P.

Pulmonary ( Lungs )
Lung Scan
Full Pulmonary Function Test

Endocrine ( Thyroid )
Parathyroid Scan
Thyroid Scan
Thyroid Uptake Study
Hepato-Biliary & Gastro-Intestinal ( Liver, Gall Bladder ) ( Stomach, Etc.)
Biliary Scan
Gastric Emptying Study
G.I. Bleeding Scan w/ Labeled R.B.C.'s
Labeled R.B.C. Scan for Hemangioma
Liver and Spleen Scan
Meckels Diverticulum Scan

Renal ( Kidney )
Captopril Renal
D.M.S.A. Renal
Lasix Renal
Renal Function
Infection or Tumor
Gallium Scan
Indium Labeled White Cells
Technetium White Blood Cell

Allergy Skin Test
Brain Scan
Breast Scan
Lacrimal Scan
Salivary Scan
Schilling Test
Testicular Scan

Skeletal System ( Bone )
Bone Scan: Specific Site
Bone Scan: Total Body
Bone Densitometry

What's New

Clinical Questions
FAQ: Cardiovascular Diseases
Frequently Asked Questions

Summary of Clinical Indications
Hepato-Biliary and Gastro-Instestinal
Infection or Tumor

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