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Cardiac Stress Test

Myoview Stress Test
If your physician is not satisfied with the results of your ECG and Exercise Stress Test, you may need a myoview scan. A small amount of a radioactive substance is injected into your bloodstream at peak exercise. The level of radioactivity used is extremely low and has no side effects. This substance travels to the coronary arteries and distributes itself throughout your myocardium. A special camera measures the amount of radioactive material that reaches the heart muscle while you exercise. The gamma camera does not produce any radiation. A second scan is done at rest, usually the next day. These pictures are then compared to identify the size and location of poor blood supply or damage to our heart muscle. Areas with good blood supply and healthy cells appear as "warm" spots on the scan. "Cold" spots are areas with injury or poor blood supply.

Patient Preparation
You can have no food or drink 4 hours before the exam. Since caffeine inactivates adenosine/dipyridamole, it is important that you not consume any product containing caffeine for 24 hours before the test: Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, Tylenol 1, 2, and 3, Excedrin and Anacin. If instructed by your physician, discontinue Beta blockers for 72 hours prior to the exam. Wear or bring comfortable clothing / shoes to the exam as you will be asked to exercise on a treadmill. Informed consent will be obtained.

Once in the treadmill room an I.V. catheter will be started in your arm and 12 electrodes will be placed on your chest to monitor your heart rate. You will exercise on a treadmill with a doctor present. You will be injected with a small amount of radioactive material when your heart rate reaches a certain speed. There will be a 15-30 minute wait and then you will be taken to the gamma camera where a set of pictures of your heart will be taken. There may be follow up pictures the next day.


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