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Holter Monitor
You have been scheduled for Holter monitoring, a widely used non-invasive test to evaluate your heart. It provides the ability to continuously examine your condition over an extended period of time, while you move about, allowing your doctor to observe how you're affected by environmental changes (both physical and emotional).

Patient Preparation
There is no preparation for this test.

Your skin will be prepped, if men have a hairy chest, small areas will be shaved. Electrodes and wires will be attached to your chest. The end of the cable is attached to a battery-operated monitor (right). The monitor will be placed in a pouch with a strap or a belt. The electrodes must be kept dry and in good contact with your skin.

No baths or showers are allowed while you wear the monitor. You will be asked to keep track of any symptoms that are particular to you. You will be asked to return the monitor promptly when the monitor period is over.


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