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Full Pulmonary Function Test
Our Pulmonary Function Test is the combination of the following individual tests:

  1. Spirometry, Flow volume Loop. This test measures your lung capacity and strength of inhalation and exhalation.
  2. Slow Vital Capacity. This test measures the maximum volume of air slowly exhaled from the point of maximum inspiration.
  3. Single Breath Diffusion. This test measures all the factors that affect the diffusion of a gas across the alveolo-capillary membrane.
  4. Functional residual capacity. We use a helium dilution method for measuring functional residual capacity, which is the volume of gas remaining in the lungs at the end-expiratory level.
  5. Oximetry. This test allows for the noninvasive estimation of blood oxygenation.

Patient Preparation
The patient must refrain from all inhalers for 6 hours prior to the test. The patient should also not smoke for 24 hours prior to the test.

Pulmonary Function test All of these components, except #5 Oximetry are performed with the patient breathing into a special breathing valve (right) which is attached to a computer. The oximetry test is performed by placing a clip on the patient's finger or ear lobe for a few seconds. The patient's readings are compared with predicted normal subjects of the same sex,age, height and weight.


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