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* Inform your physician if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Bone Scan
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Bone Scan: Specific Site
Your doctor has ordered a bone scan to detect possible bone problems.

A small amount of radioactive material called a tracer will be injected into your vein. Depending on the type of bone problem involved, you may have pictures taken during the injection of the tracer and immediately after the injection. This is so that we may determine the blood supply to the affected area. You will be asked to return in 2.5 hours and you will be positioned next to a special machine called a gamma camera, which does not produce radiation but detects radiation that is coming from the injected tracer in your body. Pictures will be taken from head to toe, both front and back, and it is possible that specific pictures may be taken on areas of interest. The pictures could take from 45-60 minutes.

Patient Preparation
No special preparation is required. You may eat and drink as usual and take your medication. You will be asked to drink 3 -4 glasses of extra fluid and to empty your bladder regularly.


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